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Land that testimonial. Every time.

3 tips for getting your business clients to commit to video testimonials. 

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"We were amazed at how easy it was!"

- Amanda Pulis, Marketing and Communications Director, CCFI

You did an amazing job for your client. 
But your client doesn't want to talk about you.
They want to talk about them.
(And that's O.K.)

 Make the video about them. 

 Show off your client. 

Show your network how wonderful your client is.
You get a testimonial, they get a free promo.

Build trust without saying "hello."

Using your client's story to sell your product is a no-brainer. With video testimonials, you're building trust with new clients before they even meet you.

We show you how.

"We really enjoyed the whole process."


Amanda Pulis, CCFI
Marketing and Communications Director

"After meeting with Lane Avenue, there was so much relief."


Andree Danley, Mary Abbott Children's House
Executive Director

"The team is awesome - they are a professional company, and truly understand us."


Peg Smith-Rich
Senior Vice President, EHCA

Frequently Asked Questions

 Q   I’m busy. How hands on would this be for me?

 A  As hands on or off as you want to be. We are happy to do all of the leg work for you, from scheduling and planning to execution and post production.

 Q   Are video testimonials really that much more effective than the text-based ones I already have?

 A  89% of marketers say video testimonials THE most effective content marketing tactic. Video content in general is easier for many people to consume and allows them to process information better.

 Q   Where can I use video testimonials?

 A  Video are testimonials are super versatile. They can be used on your website and landing pages, social media, emails/newsletters, and make great additions to case studies. They can also be edited to make great video ads for your business!

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  Our clients have been trusting Lane Avenue with their content and testimonials for years.  

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So many  do amazing work for their clients, but then don't try, or can't get them to commit to a testimonial.


This could mean the difference between gaining a brand new customer with little effort - or - another month trying endless marketing suggestions with no new business.  

That’s why we started Lane Avenue Studios - to help businesses just like yours tell their stories and build lasting relationships.


If you believe video testimonials can be a great way to promote and support your business, get in touch and we can make your next new customer think of you the way your favorite customer does.

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David, Mike, and Zach

Lane Avenue Studios

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